Land and time. Volcanoes and beech woods. Valleys and villages. Men and traditions. A literary and photgraphic stroll–from the hand of Francesc Serés and Jordi Puig – giving us an insight into the region of the Garrotxa; the Alta Garrotxa; the Bianya valley and the Vall d’en Bas; the Brugent and Llémena rivers; the volcanoes and the Fluvià basin. Illustrated with over 250 large format images, fold-out sheets and a detailed edition.
Francesc Serés says in his text: the landscape of the Garrotxa is, first and foremost, about the passing of time against the adversity of relief. With this book we invite you to check it out.

Photo | Jordi Puig
Text | Francesc Serés
Design | Joan Colomer
Layout | Vador Minobis

Ed. Triangle Postals, 2011